The 4 news that will come to WhatsApp in its latest update

Within the so-called world of the Metaverse, WhatsApp is, without a doubt, one of the most popular messaging applications in the world, since there are millions of users who communicate with others through this medium on a daily basis.

One of the reasons why WhatsApp is one of today’s favorite applications is because you can send a wide variety of messages and files, which makes it a highly functional tool.

That is why its developers are constantly making improvements that reach users through updates and a new one will soon arrive that will bring great news that we list below.

The 4 news that will come to WhatsApp in its latest update

1. Communities

They are different from the groups we currently know. In the communities, there will be administrators who will be in charge of supervising the global communication to maintain the organization.

In addition, those who integrate the community will be able to create and manage their own internal groups with which the different tasks for each user can be subdivided.

2. Reactions

After several months of testing, in the next few days the reactions in the chats will be available, which will be very similar to those of Facebook. These will be displayed when the user long-clicks on a message to select it, just like in Messenger.

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The emojis that will be available will be those of I like it, I love it, It amuses me, It amazes me, It saddens me and the praying emoji, which will be animated.

3. Sending 2 GB files

For some time now there has been a modification regarding the limit on the size of files that are shared on WhatsApp because in the coming days, it will be increased and different types of documents, images or videos of up to 2 GB can be shared.

4. Increase the number of participants in voice calls

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