The true meaning of WhatsApp emojis

Whatsapp adds new emojis with every update, as a way to show more expressions that users can use, however, did you ever wonder about the real meaning of some Whatsapp emojis? We tell you.

Some of the new emojis have caused some people to have doubts about when or how to use them, and one of them is the melted face emoji:

Melted face emoji

Emoji cara derretida 
It is one of the newest emojis in the messaging network, it has become popular in the last years, and many people use it more with a “sarcastic” tone most uses are to express that, you are very hot, when you feel embarrassed with something, or even when you did something silly, and you want to disappear.

Skull emoji

Emoji de Calavera
The use of this emoji is ironically very different to its meaning, since it gained popularity over time when it was used to show that “you are dying of laughter“, so it is usually used when a joke or something made you very funny.

The crying or vomit emojis

Emojis de llorar y vomitaremoji vomitar whatsapp

These two emojis are used to express negative emotions, although not in all cases. For example, the crying emoji is used both in negative situations as a bad news, and to express sadness when you see a TV series or video that seems sad to you.

While the vomit emoji is used in a non-literal way, for example, you can use it when you receive news that shocks you, or you find unpleasant.

Emoji of a begging face

Emoji Carita de súplica 
The use of this emoji is very common, since it is used when you want to convince someone to do something, or even move him, there are even people who use it to show that they are grateful with some favor.

Emoji of the eyes

Emoji de los ojos
This emoji is mostly used to show suspicion, or curiosity, it is also used to indicate some kind of hidden message.

Little stars emoji

Emoji de estrellitas
The star emoji has several uses, the most common is to indicate gratitude or joy, although there are people who use it sarcastically or to show irony, while other people use it to express emotion.

Emoji of taking notes

Emoji de tomar notas o escribir

This emoji is used to express that you are paying attention to something, while other people use it to express that they will “remember” a fact. And with this last emoji we reach the end of the true meaning of Whatsapp emojis.

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