Twitter gets sued for not paying rent on office buildings

With Elon Musk at the helm of the company, Twitter is undergoing many changes and the concern for its future success is growing with every decision the company makes. We could already see the chaos that ensued after Twitter Blue was announced for $8 to verify accounts.

Among those who decided to quit were the approximately 1,000 employees who were laid off. This stems from Elon Musk’s efforts to avoid further financial losses at Twitter, but it has reached a point where the company has been sued for not paying rent for its San Francisco office.

Currently, Twitter is not a profitable company, according to Elon Musk’s words, it suffers huge losses, this caused him to get rid of more than half of the staff in order to fight Twitter’s financial problems. But this seems insufficient for Musk, because he also did not offer compensation to the workers who left the company.

Elon Musk owes $136,250 in rent for the Twitter offices

As Elon Musk warned on numerous occasions in the past, Twitter is not profitable, it is loss-making and cuts must be generated. But not all the decisions he has made have been enough, because he still needs to conserve every penny he has. And because Twitter has been sued for non-payment of $136,250 in rent.

The California Property Trust, which owns the San Francisco building where Twitter is headquartered, is the one that made the claim. This means the company violated its lease on the 30th floor of the Hartford Building. Elon Musk has decided to refrain from paying it. Therefore, it is not surprising that lawsuits are increasing after the incident, as he had planned to stop paying rent for all Twitter offices worldwide in mid-December.

Musk also owes $197,725 on private flights

In addition to not covering the rental fee for its office buildings, Elon Musk also refused to pay for private flights by the company Private Jet Services Group. Going forward, Twitter will be obligated to pay $197,725 for flights taken on October 26 ($103,850) and October 27 ($93,875).

However, these flights occurred before Elon Musk bought Twitter. It wasn’t until Marty O’Neill, Twitter’s head of global strategic recruiting, notified the company a short time later. This executive provided a subsequent email, revealing that Twitter was not responsible for the costs.

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