Two new bills in Florida seek to block access to social networking sites from school internet

The Florida House of Representatives is pushing a pair of bills to block TikTok and other social networking sites from the school internet.

Students in the state will not have access to social networking sites in Tallahassee if the two new bills pass.

Miami-Dade school board member Roberto Alonso commented that the proposal will not affect measures already implemented in the state’s schools.

“We want them to use it responsibly… the district has always had the policy that none of the social networks can be accessible by the schools’ Internet, we are focused on students when they are in the classroom being focused on classroom material.”

While Jimmy Patronis, the state’s chief financial officer, reported that he will support the bills, while calling for classes in schools about social media safety, and how to use social platforms in personal life.

“It is very worrisome what is happening as bullying issues, pornographic images, and we have to be sure that students know the consequences of entering social networks,” Alonso said.

Patronis also commented that TikTok is an “addictive and useless” medium and called it digital fentanyl for being addictive for young people, although there are parents who say that technology is an educational complement and the balance must be necessary.

Likewise, the privacy risk of TikTok is being questioned at a national level, causing bills to be presented to veto the platform from the country’s educational entities.

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