Walmart launches system to try on clothes online here is how it will work

Walmart is announcing to its customers that it has “Be Your Own Model” virtual try-on technology ready, bringing the in-store fitting room experience to online shoppers.

“This experience allows customers to use their own photo to better visualize how their clothes will fit and creates a shopping gamification that we believe will be highly engaging for the customer. Walmart is the first to offer a virtual try-on experience for apparel brands at scale, and it’s the most realistic app I’ve seen,” the retailer said in a media statement.

Walmart launches system to try on clothes online here is how it will work

“Our technology achieves this key differentiator with algorithms and intricate machine learning models, techniques originally used in the development of high-precision topographic maps, to show what a garment will look like on someone,” she describes the statement.

Walmart notes that other technologies typically layer a photo of an item on top of another image, making it appear computer-generated: “With Be Your Own Model, a customer sees an ultra-realistic simulation with shadows, fabric draping, and where clothing falls. on your figure in seconds. For example, a single shirt may come in six different colors, seven different sizes, and two sleeve lengths. Our technology captures all the variations and shows how they look unique to each individual.”

The retailer says the feature is available for more than 270,000 items across the portfolio of exclusive brands, including Free Assembly, Scoop, Sofia Jeans and Sofia Active by Sofia Vergara, Love & Sports, Eloquii Elements, Time & Tru, Athletic Works, Terra & Sky, Without Borders, Avia and The Pioneer Woman.

It will also be available for select items from some of the national brands like Champion, Levi’s and Hanes, and even some items on Walmart Marketplace, which are also part of the new experience.

How does it work?

If an item is enabled for virtual try-on, customers will see a “Try It On” button on the item page and have the option to view the clothing on themselves (Be Your Own Model) or on another model (Choose My Model). When using the Be Your Own Model feature, the customer will be prompted to take a photo of themselves within the Walmart iOS App. Once an image is saved, the customer will be able to see themselves as the model each time they use the quiz.

“Be Your Own Model” is currently rolling out to iOS users of the Walmart app. Soon, iOS users will also be able to take their picture in the Walmart app to use the feature on desktop or on the web. It will be available on Android devices in the coming weeks.

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