WhatsApp vs Telegram: Which messaging app is the best?

One of the most crowded discussions in the technology area is about which messaging app to choose between WhatsApp and Telegram.

Although both applications offer similar services, there are some features that can make you choose one over the other.

The two most important messaging apps on the market have news that are updated with new features, so we show you the benefits of each one for 2023.

WhatsApp vs Telegram: Which one should you use in 2023?

WhatsApp vs Telegram

WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications on the market, with more than 2 billion active users, WhatsApp is a good option to stay connected in 2023.

For its part, Telegram celebrated in 2021 that it had reached 500 million active users, however, it is clear that WhatsApp has many more numbers.

Although it is not a determining factor, the number of users using each app is important when it comes to wanting to stay connected with your family or friends.

Privacy and security: Which application protects its users best?

The goal of messaging applications is to keep you connected; however, it is important that messages only reach the recipients privately and are not intercepted.

Although both applications offer different forms of end-to-end encryption. In the case of WhatsApp, encryption is enabled by default in all chats, while in the case of Telegram it will only be encrypted in secret chats; normal Telegram chats have a common encryption.

WhatsApp has been using Signal encryption for some years now, instead Telegram decided to create its own MTProto encryption, which as of today has not reported vulnerabilities, however WhatsApp encryption is still better for experts.

Explanation how works whatsapp encryption

In the case of controlling access to the app, WhatsApp and Telegram tie by both having biometric authentications in their apps.

Telegram has a slightly better layer of protection than WhatsApp by being able to configure whether screenshots can be taken, place self-destructing messages and even an incognito mode keyboard.

Text chat

Telegram Text Chat

Although WhatsApp and Telegram are mostly used to send simple messages, the truth is that both applications have tried to innovate with new features: voice notes, stickers, documents or even images.

Currently, both messaging applications have similar chats that allow the use of different functions, such as animated stickers.

It is normal for both applications to innovate or “copy” functionalities from the competition; however, Telegram tends to make changes faster.

Is it better to have more features?

The truth is that messaging applications have focused on offering more services than just the classic text messages.

In both applications you can share photos and videos, other media such as songs, or even the location in real time.

Telegram has the benefit of integrating bots, which offer a lot of content in chats, such as news, mini-games, songs, videos, etc….

Telegram also allows sending files of 2.0 GB that will be stored in the cloud.

WhatsApp wins in terms of video calling functionality

A whatsapp calling

WhatsApp was innovative when it added video calling functionality in 2016, since then the company already allows up to 8 people to be on a video call.

In the case of Telegram, the app added video calls in 2020, although it has been a few years, Telegram only allows video calls between two people.

Therefore, in the case of video calling, it is clear that WhatsApp is indeed the winner.

Cross-platform features

3 new functions that you will soon find in WhatsApp Web for Windows

How many times have you been talking to your contacts on your cell phone, and you start to run out of battery? Well, the cross-platform functions of messaging applications allow you to continue talking on your computer.

In the case of WhatsApp Web, the service synchronizes user data through servers and messages are not saved in the cloud, plus it can only be used on a single device.

Telegram being cloud-based, you can have sessions on as many devices as you want, regardless of the operating system.

Which application is the most customizable?

In 2020 WhatsApp added the functionality to change the wallpapers of chats, however the Telegram app is very customizable, being able to change the colors, or even being able to look like WhatsApp.

Also, Telegram’s design is much more stylish and modern, while in WhatsApp the customization is very limited.

With all the above-mentioned, although both messaging applications offer excellent services, Telegram offers benefits and features that WhatsApp does not have, although the best solution is to have both applications to be communicated.

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