Couple sues Florida dive company that left them stranded at sea

A California couple filed a lawsuit against Sail Maui for abandoning them in the open ocean when they went on an excursion during their honeymoon in 2021.

Alexander Burckle and Elizabeth Webster sued the company for $5 million motivated by damages, prejudice and emotional distress, as according to those affected, Sail Maui failed in its duty by not taking care of its clients.

According to the plaintiffs’ testimony, the company took them on the excursion off the Lanai Coast, adjacent to the island of Maui in Hawaii. When the couple were at the bottom of the sea, the boat carrying them departed without warning, leaving them stranded.

“They spent a lot of time in the water and if they weren’t young, healthy, athletic people, they probably would have drowned,” the couple’s attorney, Jared Washkowitz, told Insider.

According to Washkowitz, the couple experienced diving, which helped them survive.

The couple reached the beach after swimming for two hours, and residents found them and helped them back to their hotel.

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