JetBlue’s Limited-Time Offer: Grab Flights to U.S. Cities and Beyond, Starting at Just $49

JetBlue Airlines this week is promoting flights to cities in the United States at a minimum starting price of $49 for August and September.

In a newsletter sent out Tuesday, the New York-based airline highlights a one-way flight from LaGuardia Airport to New Orleans, Louisiana, at that price.

If you prefer to take off John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), the amount increases to $59. Another economic option is the $64 flight to Nashville, Tennessee, departing from either JFK or LaGuardia.

For Denver and Colorado, the minimum cost is $89 from either airport. Orlando, Florida, can travel for a base fare of $59.

If you prefer Hawaii as a destination, you can get to Honolulu for a minimum of $312.

The ticket to Puerto Rico starts at $147 traveling from LaGuardia to San Juan; if you take off from JFK, the minimum cost would be $144.

To go to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, from JFK, you must pay a minimum of USD 161. For the same city as JFK, the starting price was $170.

You also have the option of flying from Newark Airport in New Jersey to the Dominican capital for $161; or to Punta Cana for $171.

For $171, you can also fly to Bogota, Colombia, from JFK, or LaGuardia. To Guayaquil, Ecuador, the cheapest available ticket, was $223 out of JFK.

You can change departure and arrival options through the “Best Fare Finder” tool on the JetBlue website. In addition, the search can be filtered by region.

The above fares do not include taxes and do not include additional charges for other services.

The prices provided by the system are real-time; therefore, they are subject to availability and may change at any time.

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