U.S. issues travel advisory for travelers visiting the Caribbean due to violence concerns

The U.S. The State Department issued a yellow flag warning to U.S. travelers looking to visit the Caribbean.

“Violent crime, including armed robberies, homicides, and sexual assaults, is a concern throughout the Dominican Republic,” the department said in its advisory.

Following the increase in violence and assaults in the Dominican Republic, U.S. travelers were urged to exercise “heightened caution.”

“The widespread availability of weapons, illicit drug use and trade, and a weak criminal justice system contribute to the high level of crime on a broader scale.”

In addition, the department recommended that Americans travel to tourist resorts to be safer, as they are better policed areas than urban areas.

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The implementation will also place a 911 emergency system in several areas of the country and the tourist police.

U.S. officials have advised tourists to stay alert and not show signs of wealth, such as expensive jewelry or watches, while also asking them not to resist robberies.

With information from Fox News

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