How to arrange your bedroom to get rid of bad vibes according to Feng Shui

Positive energy has a great impact on many people, whether it is to promote health, improve relationships, or even attract abundance.

There are some techniques based on Feng Shui that serve to drive away bad vibrations and increase positive energies in the interior of the house.

The best place to improve energy is the bedroom, since it is one of the most intimate places in the home, where we feel free and without fear.

To arrange the bedroom according to Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui techniques, the correct distribution and decoration of spaces can increase the positive energy.

This has several benefits, such as keeping bad vibrations away from the body and improving the physical and psychological state.

Bedrooms are one of the places where more energy is gathered, both negative and positive, and there are some techniques that will help avoid bad vibrations.

Not having the bed in front of the mirror

Purple Blanket on a bed
Photo Credits: Vecislavas Popa via Pexels

Most bedrooms should have a mirror, either for dressing or grooming; however, according to Feng Shui, the mirror should be correctly placed.

The bed should not be in front of the mirrors or be reflected in them. Why? Well, if the energy awakens and is reflected in the mirror, it could cause anxiety and prevent good rest.

Feng Shui does not recommend placing it at the head of the bed or on the ceiling so that we reflect while we sleep, since the same thing would happen.

Remember that the bed should also not be near the doors so as not to block the flow of the positive energy that is sought.

The headboard is important

the headboard of a bed with a white and red pillows
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Although there are many beds that do not have a headboard, it is an important item according to Feng Shui techniques.

The headboards of the beds function as protective shields that provide a feeling of safety during the night.

It is also recommended that headboards be upholstered or made of wood to improve sleep cycles.

A good night’s sleep improves motivation and allows you to wake up with enough energy to start the day.

Lighting is the key

bedroom with a big window
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Natural light is one of the most commonly used techniques in Feng Shui, and bedrooms have a large window to enjoy natural light.

An illuminated space will make the atmosphere look free and increase the flow of positive energy, and according to Feng Shui, windows can be decorated with curtains or blinds if more privacy is desired.

Feng Shui Decorations

Feng Shui Decorations and a person behind doing yoga
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Practicing Feng Shui aims to bring peace and improve the appearance of spaces, so on many occasions, you will have to get rid of items that look overwhelming in spaces.

Feng shui bets on minimalism and turning spaces into sanctuaries of peace, so you could increase the decorations alluding to nature.

There are colors that help to improve the relaxation of the bedrooms; they can be blue, green, or neutral colors such as white.

On the other hand, do not use photographs that give you a feeling of being watched, which increases the feeling of privacy.

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